Airus™ – Air Fluidized Therapy Bed System (AFT)

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The AIRUS™ Air Fluidized Therapy Bed System is an ideal support system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. It offers optimal pressure redistribution and is an appropriate surface for patients following flap surgery.The  AIRUS™ provides the ideal therapeutic sleep surface - innovative technology, surface pressures are diminished below capillary closing pressure. This improves blood flow to the skin, reduces pain and accelerates healing. When the airflow is turned off, specialized beads within the mattress mold around the body, creating a surface that stabilizes the patient for nursing care, wound cleaning and other care needs.

The sleep surface of the AIRUS™ is permeable to the upward flow of air and the downward flow of bodily fluids. Therefore, wound drainage, urine, perspiration or any other fluids, are wicked away from the patient. Specialized beads within the AIRUS™ act to sterilize the drainage providing a clean, dry, therapeutic support surface.


  • Full length air fluidized therapy
  • Portable system
  • User friendly controls
  • Convenient hand held control
  • Battery Backup mode
  • Permeable surface allows upward flow of air
  • Sterilization support beads provide clean support surface


  • 32” X 84” sleep surface
  • 29.5” Sleep surface height
  • Medical Grade Breathable Nylon Top Cover
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 350 lbs