HumanCare Patient Transfer System (PTS)

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You can perform a No Lift Transfer with one caregiver in 6 Easy Steps! Watch Here

The HumanCare Patient Transfer System (PTS) greatly benefits patients as well as their caregivers and families. It is designed to allow a single caregiver to easily and safely transport the patient in and out of bed and into the chair without the need for a lift. The chair has multiple functions; it can be used as a stretcher, mobile chair or custom seating.


• Enables the lateral transfer of a patient in a supine position

• Caregiver can easily and frequently reposition a patient to increase tolerance for long-term seating with recline or tilt-in-space function

• Portability of chair allows for usage in multiple rooms in a department

• The PTS is a non-lifting alternative for patients that have pressure injuries, pain or are simply afraid of being lifted

• The PTS is covered by Medicare and most insurances for qualified patients

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