UNO Single Patient Disposable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (NPWT)

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The Pump

    • Lightweight – only 400grams
    • Small – 7.6cm x 11.2cm x 6cm – easily and discreetly carried by the patient
    • Pump cover – for additional discretion and ease of wear ability
    • Therapy treatment time: Each pump provides 15 days of effective therapy plus one ‘grace day’
    • 2 modes of operation: Continuous – at either 125mmHg or 80mmHg                                                                      Variable – at either 80mmHg/30mmHg or 125mmHg/30mmHg
    • Simple – press just 3 buttons to start and select the required therapy the clinician desires
    • 4 alarm settings: Leak, canister full, blockage and battery low - you can be confident that the UNO system is providing optimal therapy at all times, with no ‘downtime’ where the system is not operating effectively

The Port/Dressing
Each kits comes with FIVE individually packed and sterilised dressings, enough for 15 days of therapy. The dressings come pre-assembled for quick and easy application and require just one quick luer-lock connection to the pump.

  • Foam layer for quick absorption and maintaining a moist environment at the wound site
  • Super absorber layer for additional absorption and aids the movement of exudate into the port
  • Silicone wound contact layer
  • Soft and gentle application and removal for enhanced patient comfort
  • Can be repositioned to guarantee a good seal on the dressing (no ridges/ tracks were exudate could pass through)
  • Film layer allows small amounts of air to pass through – needed for exudate to be pulled through into the canister
  • Transpires exudate away from the wound
  • Security strips – each dressing comes with 4 security strips for additional security (if required) in those areas were dressing adherence is difficult for additional peace of mind.

The Canister

As well as an absorbent dressing regime, the UNO system also has an integrated 70ml canister, which enables the system to easily manage exudate on both low and moderately exuding wounds. It does not rely solely on moisture vapour transmission to manage exudate. Each canister also includes a gelling agent and deodorising agent.

Each system comes with everything you need in one convenient box:
• 1 x Pump
• 2 x 70ml canisters
• 5 x dressings each with integral port and 4 security strips
• 5 x sets (2) of AA batteries

Cost Effectiveness

The 15 days of therapy provided by the UNO system provides a convenient cost effective  alternative to other (7 day) disposable systems with a lower cost per day of treatment and in-situ performance comparable to larger reusable units; this will save the health system money.

The provision of UNO fully functioning NPWT will help the speedy movement of patients from the hospital to the home care setting.
• Saving the health system the cost of additional ‘hotel costs’
• Improves patient quality of life
• Freeing up much needed hospital beds (removal of bed blockers)

Downloads: UNO Brochure

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